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Naturist Store

We have the most complete selection of naturist products. If you don’t find the product you are looking for, let us know!


  • Honey bee, Maguey honey, natural royal jelly.
  • Seeds, cereals and dry fruits (oats, integral rice, bee pollen, yeast, amaranth, linseed, bran, walnuts, almonds etc).
  • Wholemeal bread, cookies, alegrias de amaranto
  • Apple vinegar, clove oil, etc
  • Gum, mouthwash, honey candies.
  • Bandages, enema prove, mud girdle, small towels.

Beauty and Hygiene Items

  • Shampoo and items for your hair care.
  • Moisturizing lotion, modeling gel, sweet potato cream, pomades.
  • Natural bristle brush for the body exfoliation.
  • Soaps, toothpaste, deodorant, razor or shaver etc.
  • Natural soaps ( camomile, marigold, tepezcohute, etc).
  • Professional cosmetics- brands: CABINA and BIOBEL ( milk make-up remover, facial shampoo, face lotion, mask, Day and night cream, sunblock, massage oils, etc) For dry, oily, sensitive, spotty, mixta  and acne problems skin.
  • Arcilla and mud for cosmetic and therapeutic use.
  • Wood masajeadores.

Capsules and Tablets:

  • Vitamins A, B, C, E, Q-10.
  • Silimarin ( cardo mariano)
  • Antirust, ( normal or grape seed).
  • Conpangel: chlorophyll, alfalfa, yeast, garlic, sabila, lecitina etc.
  • Lecikelp: Algadel, herbal wonder, energy bolizer, heritage etc.
  • Rodogyl; Wobenzym.

Extracts, Tinctures, Drops:

  • Ginseng root extract
  • Extracts, tinctures and natural compounds: Arnica, calendula, palo de arco, Castaño de indias, cuachalalate, garra de Diablo, ginko biloba, etc.
  • Spray para curaciones ( árnica, calendula).
  • Sabila beverage, nopal.
  • Bach flowers products.

Grains, Shakes, Powders:

  • Shakes for kids, sporty people and fisicoculturistas.
  • Granulated soy lecitina.
  • Lactobacilos, acidofilus, bifido factor.


  • Cough syrups: Don Bronquio, broncolin, zorritone, pulmobrox, abango, ajolote.
  • Kids fortifying syrup: Bacaolina, kinder vital, vita graffiti, vivioptal, etc.
  • Adults fortifying syrup: Bacaolina, forta, avenol, enermax..

Books and Magazines:

  • Dr. Silvino Diaz Martinez Books: Vida Sana System, Diabetes- How to defeat it, Nicotinism- suicide or crime, Save your life with bran, Energetic breakfast, Naturist advice, Delicious vegetarian cooking, Vida sana recipes.
  • Family books: The secrets to a happy married life, Happy forever, Modern young boy and sex, Modern young girl and sex.
  • Books to fortify your faith: Life words, Security and peace on the century's conflict, To learn God's parables, Faith contemplation
  • Naturist and healthy life books: The food medicinal power, Plants medicinal power, Nature medicinal power, Dynamic life, A new way of natural life, enjoy it!, Nature facing cancer, Cancer, Myths facts and challenges, The truth about nutrition, The naturist pediatrist.
  • Magazines: Drug-free youth; Sex without AIDS; Home cooking I & II

Plants in 100 or 200 grams packages:

  • We have about 130  A to Z plants.

Packed Teas:

  • “Therbal”
  • Herborist formulas: Chapingo university
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