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2 Days / 2 Nights Just for You

Designed for people who want to pamper their body and skin achieving rest and beauty.



  • 2 days/ 2 nights lodging
  • 6 meals
  • 1 medical consultation
  • 1 implements kit
  • 1 relaxing massage (50 min)
  • 1 pulsetron
  • 1 facial cleansing
  • 1 hands treatment
  • Daily routine treatments

Terms and Conditions:

  • All prices listed in Mexican Pesos.
  • Current prices as described in each graphic.
  • If only one person comes, a Private Room rate will apply.
  • All rooms have a full bathroom and telephone for internal communication.
  • These prices DO NOT include medications or dietary supplements that the Doctor may prescribe.
  • You must deposit at least 50% of the cost to secure your reservation.
  • Mandatory to respect the rules of the Ministry of Health, such as the use of face masks, keeping a healthy distance, etc.

Due to the measures generated by COVID:

  • These prices are per person in a shared or private room, although shared rooms only are suggested
    for patients who are relatives and each pays the shared price or the private one who chooses to be alone.
  • Shared room will only be provided to patients who, being non-relatives, present their negative COVID test and who have passed their entrance evaluation.
  • To secure your reservation, you must cover the full amount of the cost, so they will be respected as received and confirmed.
  • The promotion is subject to availability of spaces due to the reduction in capacity due to contingency.
  • In case of cancellation there will be no refund. A voucher will be issued, and a relative or friend designated by the patient in writing may make it valid, and the package must be taken within a period of no more than one year.
  • Full respect for the rules of the Secretaría de Salud, such as the use of face masks, keeping a healthy distance, COVID test, etc.
  • All patients will be evaluated upon admission. If you show symptoms (risk factor), you will not be able to enter and you will receive a voucher to be exchanged as described above.

Prices for companion per night:

Fares per companion in the same room

Shared Standard

Private Standard

Shared Junior

Private Junior

Shared Master

Private Master

Without meals


Not Available


Not Available


Not Available


  • All prices are per day in mexican pesos.
  • Prices per companion per night, according to the package you've hired.
  • Companion without meals: Use of the facilities and sharing the room with your companion. The cost of food for the companions is based on the price list of our food menu.
  • We don't have a personal nurse or therapist for each client.

We recommend to make the reservation with 8 or 15 days before arrive and sent a 50% deposit of the cost to guarantee your room. 


Check in is monday-saturday at 12:00 PM (UTC -6:00). If you arrive after 12:00 PM you must pay the whole day. Room is due at 10:00 AM next day. We don't have consultation service on sundays. Also, please check our regulations.


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COVID-free exam required to check-in.